Football match in Russia’s North Caucasus ends in mass carnage as player handed TWO-YEAR BAN for savage attack on official (VIDEO)


An amateur football clash in the Russian North Caucasus concluded in a mass brawl as furious players attacked match officials, resulting in a spate of lengthy bans being handed out to the perpetrators.

Meeting earlier this month in the lower leagues of the Russian Southern Federal District/North Caucasus Federal District, the top-of-the-table contest between Energetik of Prokhladny and Angusht of Nazran witnessed mass violence from players and fans at the end of a 2-1 victory for the home team.

According to reports, serious trouble began brewing in the 88th minute when referee Sergey Smirnov awarded Energetik a free-kick.

Angusht’s Bekkhan Aliyev vented his fury with a tirade of abuse at the official, for which he was given his marching orders.

Leaving the field, Aliyev is said to thrown a bandage removed from his hand at the assistant referee.

Not done there, the match saw even more explosive scenes after the final whistle.

Officials were surrounded by Angusht players who started to attack them after a short verbal exchange. 

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Angusht number 4 Magomed Balayev is said to have hit the referee twice in the face, while teammate Ruslan Zyazikov reportedly launched a series of kicks and punches.

Meanwhile, the dismissed Aliyev allegedly knocked assistant referee Vitaly Naumov to the ground before violently kicking him after he had stumbled back to his feet. 

The carnage was captured on camera and showed mass chaos engulfing the pitch as players, staff and fans clashed.

Police had initially appeared to quell the unrest although Angusht substitute Safarbek Markhiev sparked more conflict with the rival team, prompting an all-out brawl to break out.

The local football union has moved swiftly to punish those behind the unsavory scenes, hitting Aliyev with a two-year ban while teammates Balayev and Zyazikov each received a one-year suspension.  

Elsewhere, Angushta’s Markhiev and Energetik players Alan Aslanuko and Artem Orsayev will all be forced to sit out six matches for their roles in the melee.  

In addition, Energetik were fined 10,000 rubles for the participation of their fans in the brawl, with the home team being hit with a two-game stadium ban.

As of September 28, Energetik stand top of the division with 13 wins from their 16 games, five points ahead of Angusht.  

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