UFC rival wants McGregor fight ‘before he overdoses on cocaine’


Jorge Masvidal wants a piece of the UFC’s biggest cash cow

UFC firebrand Jorge Masvidal is plotting his return up the rankings – and says that he wants to go through the organization’s biggest star to get there.

Former welterweight title challenger Masvidal has hit something of a fork in the road recently, losing three straight fights to the elite of the 170lbs fold in Kamaru Usman (x2) and Colby Covington, but has once again called for a fight with Conor McGregor – something he says he wants to get done before the Irishman flames out.

Masvidal has positioned himself for a bout with McGregor in the past but a fight between two of the UFC’s biggest pay-per-view draws has never quite come to fruition. 

However, with both Masvidal and McGregor in serious need of a revitalizing win on their records after combining for five winless fights in the cage, ‘Gamebred’ says the time is now right for the two stars to cross paths.

Obviously, before this guy overdoses on cocaine and then the fight never happens and I don’t get to make all that easy money, I just want to break Conor’s face,” Masvidal told Blockasset

Let’s get that paycheck, let’s get that out of the way, selling the most pay-per-views ever before this guy does harm to himself or somebody else. I just, like, boom, get that check real quick because I got kids, right? I need the f***ing money.”

Masvidal may well be in need of his very own ‘red panty night’. The welterweight star is still dealing with legal trouble as a result of his alleged attack on arch-rival Covington outside of a Miami restaurant in the weeks after the two clashed in a high profile UFC main event.

Covington won that fight by clear cut unanimous decision before Masvidal renewed their rivalry on the street in an incident which reportedly left Covington with a chipped tooth, an injured wrist as well as damaging his designer Rolex watch.

As such, Masvidal has offered another cherry on top of his fight offer to McGregor: the UFC’s ‘Bad Motherf***er’ belt, the one-off title he won against Nate Diaz in late 2019.

I’d bring out the BMF belt only for a bad motherf***er and some cash money,” Masvidal said.

You a bad motherf***er, you got money, let’s put some money, let’s get a little escrow going. I put a couple million aside, you put a couple million aside and it comes with the belt as a cherry on top.

That’s what a bad motherf***er would do is get this money. It’s there, but it has to be right under my stipulations, and with that belt I’m like a f***ing tyrant.”

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Conor McGregor mural leads to cocaine kingpin arrest

McGregor, meanwhile, has offered no clear suggestions as to his next move as his continues to recover from the badly broken leg he suffered last summer in his third fight with Dustin Poirier.

He was cleared to return to full contact sparring in April, and recently released footage of him kicking a heavy bag with the aforementioned limb which signalled that he is nearing his return to the UFC cage.

The Irishman has also suggested that he would likely return as a welterweight after packing on some additional muscle to his frame in his time away from the sport.

And as far as Masvidal is concerned, a date in November or December would seem to make sense for all involved.

I would say I would love to be [at Madison Square Garden] in December,” Masvidal said.

It’s a strong possibility, November, December. Definitely going to fight this year, no matter what. I don’t want to talk too much about it, but as you know I’ve got some problems and stuff that I’ve got to deal with. But I’m gonna be in there.”

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