Fury-Paul fight in jeopardy after Brit denied US entry


The boxer has been refused the right to travel to the US

A boxing match between YouTuber-turned-fighter Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, the brother of heavyweight world champion Tyson, is at risk of being scrapped for the second time after the Brit was refused entry to the US.

Tommy Fury uploaded a video to social media on Tuesday afternoon, where he explained that he wanted to “set the record straight before anybody else tries to.”

According to the 8-0 novice, he and his team arrived at London Heathrow Airport ready to fly out to the US on Tuesday morning for a press conference to promote the recently announced fight at Madison Square Garden, which is set to take place in August.

As soon as Fury entered the terminal, however, he claims he was pulled to one side and told by Homeland Security that his ESTA visa had been denied, meaning he cannot fly to the US for reasons that are still unknown. 

“I can stand here and I say I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and I have no clue why I’m not allowed to travel to the USA,” Fury protested.

“I’ve been training for a fight this whole time and that’s all I’ve been doing.”

Fury added that his legal representatives have no idea why he was not allowed to travel either, and he complained of having to deal with them while in the middle of a training camp. 

“I don’t know why this is happening today, it’s a massive shock to me and my whole team,” he went on.

“Obviously it is a matter that needs to be resolved. It’s government issues, it’s a lot bigger than the fight right now and I’m just trying to get it sorted,” he concluded.

The developments come after Tommy Fury’s brother Tyson was also reportedly denied entry to the US over alleged connections to Daniel Kinahan, the Irishman accused of running a criminal empire.

Kinahan has acted as an adviser to Tyson Fury in the past through his MTK Global consultancy company, which has been closed down since the US government put up a $5 million reward for information that will lead to the dissolution of the Kinahan family or the arrest of any of its members.

Tyson Fury has repeatedly denied any significant links to Kinahan. 

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Fury names comeback price amid being refused entry to US

It has been reported that 600 people with connections to the ‘Kinahan Organised Crime Group’ (KOCG) – as American authorities call it – have been banned from the US as a consequence, with Tyson Fury allegedly refused the right to board a flight traveling there 10 days ago. 

Reacting to the latest development, Paul took to Twitter and accused Tommy Fury of attempting to get out of the fight while expressing confidence it will still go ahead. 

“Tommy, no matter how hard you try to get out of this fight, I’m going to do everything in my power to not let you weasel your way out,” Paul tweeted.

“My team and my partners have made it clear the steps you need to take to solve your latest excuse. Take them or admit you’re a scared little bitch,” 

If Paul v Fury really has to be called off, it would be the second time that Fury has had to pull out of a scheduled bout between the pair.

In December last year, Fury said he was “heartbroken” when a bacterial chest infection and broken rib forced him to cancel their first attempted meeting.

Ex-UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley took his place, and Paul knocked him out in the sixth round to improve to 5-0. 

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