10 Top Rivalries in European Football


10 Top Rivalries in European Football

In Europe, there are famous rivalry tournaments known as Derbies. They draw millions of viewers to stadiums and television as they come together to support their favourite. Sites such as OnlineGamblers.com also provide some of the best  licensed and regulated gambling operators where you can find odds and predictions for these games. 

#10:  The North London Derby (Arsenal vs Tottenham)

The North London Derby dates back to the 1800s and intensified in the 1900s when Arsenal decided to move to Highbury, 4 miles from Tottenham’s old stadium.  

# 9: The Intercontinental Derby (Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce)

This is a rivalry between two Turkish-based teams, and it’s very intense. The tension between the teams trickles down to the fans as the matches commonly end in trouble. 

#8: The Derby della Capitale (Lazio vs Roma)

Italian rivals whose games are heated, with the fans also showing intense passion. The tension between the two rivals dates back to several issues in Rome. 

#7: O Clássico (Porto vs Benfica)

O Clássico is an intense battle where the Portuguese league title is also at stake. The battle is between two major Portuguese cities, Porto and Lisbon. 

#6 The Derby of the Eternal Enemies (Olympiakos vs Panathinaikos)

The name speaks volumes showing no sign of remorse. This is a rivalry whose name indicates that there will never be any change. There are also political and social influences that extend beyond the football pitch.  

#5: Derby d’Italia (Juventus vs Inter Milan)

Inter Milan has another ongoing derby, the Derby della Madonnina, a rivalry with AC Milan. This says a lot about the team’s gameplay which shows passion and intensity. This rivalry, the Derby d’Italia, intensified in 2006 after an Italian football scandal. 

#4: Liverpool vs Man United

An intense rivalry rooted in the history between Manchester and Liverpool with some of the most intense matches where emotion spills into the fans. The air in the stadium is very intense as the two biggest clubs battle. 

#3: The Eternal Derby (Red Star Belgrade vs Partizan Belgrade)

A battle for eternity between two of the greatest in Serbia with much violence and intensity. These matches are often topped up with riots, making them very dangerous.

#2 The Old Firm Derby (Celtic vs Rangers)

Another old rivalry that dates back to the 1800s with one of the most heated matches. The roots of this rivalry are in politics, religious and social differences. 

#1: El Clasico Derby (Real Madrid vs Barcelona)

At number 1 is the El Clasico Derby, also known as the most famous worldwide. The matches are also a decider of the La Liga and Champions League titles. 


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