‘Load of s–t’: Lyon unloads on Bazball, Bairstow and those Lord’s louts


Nathan Lyon has come up with his own definition for Bazball that’s distinctly different to the one that’s found its way into the Collins dictionary.

“It’s a load of shit, if you ask me. It’s a brand of cricket that the English want to keep going with. Now it’s in the dictionary which is pretty extraordinary,” the Aussie spinner told The Front Bar TV show on Wednesday night.

Lyon’s comments follow another take from Marnus Labuschagne who described the term’s dictionary inclusion – “a style of Test cricket in which the batting side attempts to gain the initiative by playing in a highly aggressive manner” – a “garbage” idea.

“I’m 2-0 against Bazball so I am happy,” said Lyon, while Front Bar host, comedian Mick Molloy, replied with the zinger: “It’s in the dictionary between the Hindenberg and the Titanic”.

Lyon only played in the opening two games before suffering a a calf injury as the Aussies took a 2-0 lead in a series ultimately drawn 2-2.

The fiercely-fought series has had plenty of aftershocks – many of them to do with the Alex Carey stumping of Jonny Bairstow that also prompted English fans and members to aggressively heckle the Australians – famously in the Long Room at Lord’s.

Jonny Bairstow looks frustrated after being dismissed by Alex Carey. (Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images)

“I love it,” Lyon said. “It’s quite simple. Stay in your crease and you won’t get out. I was in the change rooms on my crutches watching and I think I celebrated more than anyone. It was pretty amazing. But I’ve never seen a crowd react like that after anything.”

He said the players found the Long Room scenes “pretty funny.”

“You look in the Long Room and we all said we were more a chance of getting sued than punched. So we were pretty amazed by it. But it was funny. When the guys came back out after lunch, it was like the members got spoken to from the head master and it was all primary school kids again.”

Lyon is just the latest player on both sides to continue the post-Ashes verbals.

“Normally after an Ashes series you have a beer or a couple and talk about the series but unfortunately England didn’t really respond to Pat’s text messages to come in which is pretty disappointing in the big scheme of things,” Lyon said.

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