Super Rugby clubs want a handout? That’s a disgrace, the game is already broke


Australian Rugby is in complete turmoil.

From what I can see Phil Waugh is doing everything he can to reach a common ground and then The Australian publicises an article with Super Rugby clubs requesting a payout.

This is the problem with rugby in Australia: it is supposed to be built for community and not for one’s own benefit.

When Super Rugby started in 1995, the clubs ‘allowed’ players to play for NSW, QLD and ACT.

If you recall, the Brumbies were the ‘not wanted’.

It drove them to beat all and sundry and as a result, they won a title, and have been the most successful franchise in Australia since.

Now the Brumbies are lucky to get 5000 people in attendance, however, they are demanding money without agreeing to a centralised policy.

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Let’s put everything in perspective:

– Wallabies haven’t won the Bledisloe Cup for 23 years
– No Aussie team has won a Super Rugby competition for 7 years
– Only one Australian team has made the semi-finals (not top eight) every year for 6 years
– QLD Rugby got bailed out some years back and now have an asset (Ballymore)
– The Force are backed by one of the wealthiest individuals in Australia
– The Tahs have agreed to hand over

So let’s lay this out. The Brumbies, Rebels and QLD have initially said ”no” to a centralised model. Then they have the audacity to extend their cap to Rugby Australia for funding.

I understand QLD with Ballymore as an asset, however, aside from that, the rest is ridiculous. That was also government-funded.

There is too much self-interest in professional rugby in Australia and enough is enough.

Here’s a very quick summation for you.

If you don’t centralise (in some way) three clubs will remain, NSW, QLD and WA.

The Brumbies and Rebels don’t make any money; the ACT due to poor management and the Rebels because they never had a following and didn’t invest.

For the sake of the game, give a centralised model a chance.

Rugby Australia CEO Phil Waugh. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

In three years we have had three Wallabies coaches, immense turnover from each province, and the lowest percentage win ratio in NZ, who are also concerned.

The solution? Stop asking for money. We have all endured years of turmoil trying to keep our kids involved in this great game, which gave us legends, memories and times of immense pleasure and pain.

Not to mention the other code, which is not only hindering Australia’s progression but is starting to gain traction overseas. Club rugby is doing fine. We are losing eyeballs on screen and in the media. Every reporter seems to engage in the demise of this great game.

Globally, the sport is flush, in Australia they keep digging a hole.

I beg, I plead, I crouch, please stop, this is a mess. I believe this is a result of RA, not questioning, but so are the provinces.

If you love the game, this should stop.

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There is no money. And if that continues, we go back to amateur, which was truly ‘the game they play in heaven’.

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