Klopp stroppy over soccer sin bin plan, Ange urges rulemakers to address ‘the biggest issue’ of VAR


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp believes a proposal to introduce blue cards and sin bins to soccer does not “sound like a fantastic idea” initially.

It’s understood that, in new trials to try and improve players’ and officials’ behaviour, blue cards will be shown to those dismissed for a 10-minute period.

It is understood that the initial trial phase will not feature top-level competitions to avoid players being in events with different rules concurrently. 

Plans to publish details of these trials have been delayed until next month, but Klopp believes a blue card could present “more opportunities to fail”. 

He told a press conference: “I think we should keep it as simple as somehow possible, for the referees as well. 

“It’s a difficult job, often quite emotional when we speak about it more so because it’s after the game, and I think the introduction of a blue card would just give more opportunities to fail as well.

“Because the discussion will be, ‘it was a blue card, should it have been a yellow card?’. 

“Now it’s 10 minutes off – in the good old times it would have been a red card or only a yellow’. 

“These kind of things just make it more complicated. If they want to test it I have no problem with testing if that’s the first step to agreeing or it already being sure it will happen – I don’t know that. 

“It doesn’t sound like a fantastic idea in the first moment but actually I can’t remember the last fantastic idea which came from these guys, if they ever had one. I am 56 and – pah, never!” 

Ange Postecoglou. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou also remained unconvinced by the proposals, adding his “biggest issue” in football is VAR. 

“I don’t think people will be surprised by my thoughts on it. I struggle to understand this urgency all of a sudden to bring in new things,” he said. 

“I don’t know if there’s that much wrong with the game as I see it. My biggest issue with the game right now is that VAR has changed the experience, whether you’re a player, a manager or a supporter or whatever you are I think it’s changed the experience of football. 

“I assume that’s a means to an end, that the introduction of technology is going to get us to a better place. I remain to be convinced about that. 

“Beyond that, I don’t know why a different colour card is going to make any difference. I struggle with this whole taking from other sports.”

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