ON FIELD: Testing Wilson Spin Control Technology


Wilson sought to develop a technology that would reduce the spin of batted balls and allow for improved handling and, in 2018, they landed on Spin Control. This very insightful article here cited a glove with “this dimpled pattern” during their research journey, and my guess as to what was brought in was something similar to this SSK:

According to its product page, the “DIMPLE” Technology is located deep in the palm at the catching point of the glove to help reduce spin, increase grip, and creates an easier glove to hand transfer.

I grabbed this exclusive DICK’S Sporting Goods color way and immediately took it to the field for a test on if Spin Control Technology does in fact control spin. It only took a couple sessions of tossing around with it to get broken in, and it felt great when I grabbed it in-store. Defense is my favorite part of the game; I was happy to take a ton of ground balls with it and share my thoughts here:

After becoming a very big fan of the 1786 when I was a kid, it was extremely fun to come back to the model after many many years away from it. It was just as good as I remembered it; the dual-welting creates that slight curl in the fingers that I really love about Wilson gloves.

Even though SuperSkin has been around for a while, it was my first time giving it a shot. It was definitely a weight saver and I loved how it felt on the hand.

This gradient logo approach Wilson has been taking on their gloves these last few years has been an awesome look.

Ultimately, I personally did not see a major difference in this glove with Spin Control versus one without. But, it definitely wouldn’t make me not purchase this versus a different 1786. I’d definitely be curious to hear your thoughts: let me know in the comments!

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