Sean Manaea’s Glove Deserves A Closer Look


At first glance, Mets’ left-handed pitcher Sean Manaea’s glove is a simple one – a basket web in his team colors of blue and orange. It isn’t something that necessarily has dozens of outlets on social media buzzing. But, if you’re reading this, you aren’t one that just settles for what the mainstream blogs are putting out. You’re here because you are absolutely obsessed with every last detail on Big Leaguers’ gear, just like me. And you clicked because you agree: Sean Manaea’s glove does, indeed, deserve a closer look.

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Let’s start with the model. The PRO-302 has historically been one picked up by outfielders, coming in at 12.75″ and with a fastback. Growing up, I watched Bernie Williams roam around center field at the old Yankee Stadium in an all chocolate brown color way of the 302, and I loved seeing how that model had the thumb loop extend out toward the end just like the PRO-AK2/TT2. Real ones know!

In more recent years, we’ve seen many pitchers go away from the open conventional back over to something completely closed; rarely ever have we seen Rawlings’ fastback get deployed.

Looking at the outer side of Manea’s gamer brings more details to light. For one, the southpaw shifted the single-finger opening over because he rocks his glove with two in the pinky. We see further 302 details with the extra lace reinforcement running through the middle of the fingers.

This past January, Sean lost his oldest brother, David. The pitcher keeps his sibling’s legacy alive with an embroidered message on the ring finger.

Bringing things home with quite possibly the best part: the Randy Johnson basket web. The Big Unit sported that web throughout his 22-year playing career and even got his own Rawlings PRO-BU51 model glove along the way.

“Seani” and “59” embroidered in orange on the blue leather rounds out Manaea’s gamer, which you can see in action for each of his starts for the Metropolitans in 2024.

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