Change it or scrap it! The AFL score review system is providing more inconclusiveness than a balanced outcome


In the fast-paced world of Australian Rules Football (AFL), the score review system was implemented with the noble intention of ensuring fair outcomes.

However, as the seasons have progressed, it has become increasingly evident that the system is plagued with issues, ranging from inconclusive calls to momentum-killing delays.

It’s time for a serious reconsideration of its role in the game.

One of the primary grievances with the AFL score review system is the frequency of inconclusive calls.

Despite the advancements in technology, the angles provided for review often fail to deliver the clarity needed to make definitive rulings.

This leaves players, coaches, and fans frustrated and questioning the reliability of the system. In a sport where split-second decisions can alter the course of a match, the inability to confidently determine the correct call undermines the integrity of the game.

Furthermore, the constant reliance on the score review system disrupts the flow and momentum of matches. What should be a seamless transition between plays is interrupted by lengthy stoppages as officials consult the technology.

This not only detracts from the spectator experience but also impacts the rhythm of the game for players on the field.

Momentum is a precious commodity in AFL, and the frequent interruptions caused by the score review system can disrupt the natural ebb and flow of a match, potentially altering its outcome.

Moreover, the presence of four officials on the field should instil a level of confidence in their ability to make accurate decisions without constant reliance on technology.

“You’re robbing the game.”

Dwayne Russell’s passionate plea to the AFL about “clunky” score review system | | #AFL

— SEN 1116 (@1116sen) April 15, 2024

While the human element of officiating will inevitably lead to errors, the over-reliance on the score review system suggests a lack of trust in the judgment of those tasked with enforcing the rules of the game.

It begs the question: if four trained officials cannot make a conclusive decision without the aid of technology, then what purpose do they serve on the field?

In light of these issues, it’s clear that the current AFL score review system is failing to fulfil its intended purpose. Rather than enhancing the fairness and integrity of the game, it has become a source of frustration and controversy.

As such, it’s imperative that the AFL takes proactive steps to address these concerns and explore alternative solutions.

One potential avenue for improvement could involve refining the technology used for review, perhaps incorporating more advanced camera angles or real-time tracking systems to provide officials with clearer and more decisive information.

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Additionally, establishing stricter criteria for when the score review system can be utilized may help to reduce its disruptive impact on matches, allowing the flow of play to remain uninterrupted whenever possible.

Ultimately, the goal should be to strike a balance between ensuring accurate decision-making and preserving the natural rhythm of the game.

The AFL owes it to players, coaches, and fans alike to reevaluate the role of the score review system and implement changes that uphold the integrity of Australian Rules Football while minimizing unnecessary disruptions.

Only then we can truly say that the spirit of the game has been upheld.

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