Tribunal verdict in for Hogan as Giants forward learns fate for striking Blue


Jesse Hogan is free to play Brisbane on Anzac Day, after the AFL Tribunal ruled the Giants star had no case to answer for a strike on Carlton defender Lewis Young.

Hogan’s hit that caught the Blue in the fact during GWS’ loss on Saturday was deemed to have been of insufficient force to constitute a reportable offence, with the Tribunal ruling that the potential to cause injury, commonly used in cases of rough conduct such as bumping, would not apply.

Tribunal chairperson Jeff Gleeson determined that a new rule brought in for the 2024 season allowing incidents graded as negligible impact could be upgraded to ‘low’ impact based on said potential to cause injury, thereby triggering a one-week suspension, would not apply for striking charges.

Jesse Hogan has been handed a one-match suspension following this incident with Lewis Young.

Full Saturday Match Review findings:

— AFL (@AFL) April 21, 2024

“In light of the ruling delivered in this matter, in order for the charge of striking to be sustained, it is necessary that there is a finding of more than negligible impact,” Gleeson said following the hearing.

“We find there was not.”

The Giants successfully argued that Young’s clear medical report and the glancing nature of the strike was enough to constitute ‘negligible’ impact, with Hogan claiming he had attempted to hit Young in the chest before his hand ricocheted off the Blue’s arm and up into his face.

The verdict comes despite the Giants forward stating during the hearing that Young had said ‘You’re going to get a week for that’.

The Giants’ legal team will next turn their attention to Toby Greene’s case at the Tribunal, with the GWS captain fighting a one-match ban for rough conduct following a high hit on Blue Jordan Boyd.

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