Even Bulldogs fans know your time is up, Luke Beveridge please do us a favour and move on as painlessly as possible


As a staunch follower of the Dogs for many, many years, I have had to grow fairly used to disappointing years along the way.

It was, therefore, a total surprise, no let me correct that, a shock, when the Dogs pulled off the ultimate feat in 2016.

Though again never really likely in 2021, they made it through to the big dance, another improbable achievement.

However, what has taken place in between those two milestones has been less than awe-inspiring.

The trend in my mind is also becoming very clear. The Bulldogs are on a downward spiral and despite that they are still holding on to one of the most talented lists in the league, the coaches (Bevo and Co.) obviously cannot get the best out of this team week after week.

That they are capable of strong team performances was evident on two occasions this season, however, the weaknesses and flaws have been significantly evident on at least four occasions.

Sunday’s performance against Hawthorn was the worst and most disappointing yet, considering that they were playing a wooden spoon contender.

As a fan, my questions about the coaching staff’s decisions are numerous.

Luke Beveridge. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Let’s start with the selection of certain players to the detriment of proven performers being left out of the team.

Then there’s the positioning of our good players in places that they are not known for and the apparent lack of basic skills in execution; whether kicking to each other but missing, handpassing into trouble, flying against teammates in marking contests or a general lack of tackling pressure.

Opposition players on several occasions appeared to simply waltz past a collection of Bulldogs, presumably watching on in awe.

The players are definitely capable of better. What was missing was the passion and attention to detail.

I am also certain that it was not the coaching staff’s desire for this type of display from the team, however, they do need to stand up and ultimately take the responsibility.

The underlying issue is that Beveridge is going down some kind of path to reinvent the team for the future.

The problem is, that the players don’t understand this path and neither do the fans.

Us fans don’t just not understand this path, we also don’t like what is happening.

As for the players, this has led to a communication uneasiness with their coaching team, where they simply don’t buy into the new structure and selection ideas of the coaching panel.

I would also question the direction some of the specialist coaches have been taking parts of the club, for example, the midfield implosion.

“If they don’t make the finals, I don’t think Luke Beveridge will be there next year.”

The panel reacts to the Bulldogs’ poor loss to the Hawks, and debates whether the club’s list is as good as it’s hyped up to be.#9FootyClassified | Nine & 9Now ????️ pic.twitter.com/I226snAeMz

— Footy on Nine (@FootyonNine) May 6, 2024

Then there were those comments by Sam Draper. As a Bulldogs fan, I would like to thank Sam for an honest comment, because it is exactly what many of us long-standing fans have also been thinking.

Whilst Bevo thought the comments were quite “bizarre”, he should be reminded that it was a very similar situation that had led to him being hired at the kennel, all those years ago.

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Long story short, Mr Beveridge, it is time to go and make way for a fresh take on things and a coach who can effectively communicate with the team.

Unfortunately, it will also mean that some of the support team may need to pack their bags and who knows, perhaps a couple of fringe players are better at other clubs too.

After achieving a premiership back in 2016, as a long-standing supporter of this club, I for one don’t want to go back into suffering one mediocre season leading into another.

Happy retirement Bevo and yes, thanks for 2016.

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