Darren Coleman may be done with the Tahs, but his passion could still be pure gold for the Wallabies


There is nothing to disguise the demise of the Waratahs this season.

It is appalling that this great brand has received the wooden spoon. There are obviously knives out for all, but the facts are, everyone let everyone else down.Be it the players, the staff, the coaches. It was a remarkable demise for the Tahs and the next coaching selection is crucial.

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One thing I will say, is that Darren Coleman cannot be lost to Australian rugby. His ambition and love for the state and the game is genuinely felt. He created a heartbeat when all was lost.

Where he fell down was emotion, emotion is what created the regrowth but it can’t last on its own. With injuries and outside noise, it simply wasn’t working and there was no plan B, C or D.

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He was reliant on “belief” and the team had lost its passion with early losses that could have been wins.

DC has to be kept in the system of Rugby Australia. He is determined and loyal and wants to see rugby thrive. Once he was thrown into the cauldron after Shute Shield and USA results, he clearly had a connection with the players and the community.

What was lacking for DC directly, was the ability to deal with the “downs” when there were no “ups” to embrace the team and the community.

What Rugby Australia need to do, is embrace this passion and create a pathway back.

Darren Coleman created an energy in the Waratahs, but was bereft of ideas in his last season.

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But this energy needs to embraced by Rugby Australia and he needs to be included in a wider environment under the Joe Schmidt reign. He has all the tools and has now worn the lows, I’m sure it’s a feeling he will not want to feel again and will learn under tutelage from those who have forged a path.

Too many Australian coaches have been lost overseas, some have succeeded, some have failed, however, all have had a passion for Australian rugby to succeed.

If Rugby Australia are serious about centralisation, they need to give exposure to Darren Coleman and those in a similar boat to the Wallabies “centralised” model.

It’s time for us to embrace coaches and give them the tools to succeed. To have DC in the Wallabies set-up in some capacity while this rebuild is occurring will only aid his skills as a coach and keep him on-shore.

The rebuild of Australian rugby is a five-to-ten year plan. So, Darren Coleman should have involvement now in a reduced capacity to learn from those up front who will be the drivers.

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Well done Darren Coleman, stay in Australian Rugby, your passion is what drives us all to believe.

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