NRL News: Gutherson put in naughty corner, Galvin tells teammates he wants to ‘get out’, Smith returns from ‘kick up the a–e’


Eels captain Clint Gutherson was sent to the naughty corner in the 75th minute during Monday’s blockbuster game, as the fullback was told ‘do not speak to me like that’ by referee Peter Gough.

After Blake Wilson’s cracker match-winning try on the right edge, Gutherson was arguing to Gough about the obstruction and a lead runner – saying “Oh my god, that’s horrible, that is horrible”.

To which Gough replied “regardless of your opinion as captain, do not speak to me like that when you ask me the answer.”

“That is not acceptable. You need to be better as a captain.”

The heated debate went on while the bunker reviewed the try, before Gutherson said “That play cost us the game.”

Galvin ‘can’t wait to get out’

Tigers young-gun Lachlan Galvin has made matters worse regarding his request for an early release, reportedly telling his teammates post their round 14 loss that he ‘can’t wait to get out’.

The 18-year-old is believed to be unhappy with Wests management, following their handling of his fractured hand which has plagued him for the last three weeks.

Club CEO Shane Richardson had declined Galvin’s request for a release and is reportedly preparing to offer the five-eighth and extension and increase.

(Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The Telegraph’s Phil Rothfield on Monday night’s edition of NRL 360 said Stefano Utoikamanu is also unhappy at the Tigers.

“Lachie Galvin and Stefano Utoikamanu believes their games aren’t developing as they should be at the Tigers re coaching and general development,” Rothfield said.

“I’m told both would be prepared to take less money to join a more powerful outfit.”

The Tigers are set on building the club around Galvin, to avoid a deja vu situation, where they released the likes of James Tedesco and Mitchell Moses seven years ago.

Radley says Smith will learn from ‘kick up the a–e’

Roosters inflictor Victor Radley says Brandon Smith is ready to turn the corner after he was issued a breach notice by the club for missing a mid-season review post their round 13 loss to the Cowboys.

Radley, who has no shortage of on-field misdemeanours, knows Smith can bounce back after the mishap.

“It’s a little kick up the arse for him,” Radley said.

“You could see today that he looks a bit dialled-in.”

“He’s got his hair cut. He’s had a shave, and honestly it looks like he’s gone, ‘I’ll be on for the rest of the season’.”

“A little thing like that can be beneficial. I know personally, I learnt everything the hard way,”

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