Super Bowl win or sex – Americans reveal what they’d prefer


Fans were asked if they would prefer their team winning the NFL showpiece over Valentine’s Day intercourse

More than half of US men and women would take their NFL team winning the Super Bowl over sexual intercourse on Valentine’s Day, a survey has revealed.

Pickswise conducted a poll where 1,000 male and female football fans were asked whether they would prefer to see their franchise win the grand finale or get intimate with their significant other on the annual celebration for lovers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 64% of men voiced a preference for witnessing their captain lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on February 13, as opposed to getting between the sheets with their Valentine the day after.

Female fans didn’t fare much differently, though, with 63% opting to watch their team come out on top in the big game.

In a different part of the poll, American football enthusiasts were asked if they would abstain for six months if it meant seeing their team win the final played by the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams this year.

Responding to this, 48% of men surveyed and 36% of women stated they would not have sex until August for a Super Bowl win, though 45% of women answered a flat-out “No” compared to the men’s 40%.

Romance isn’t completely dead, however. In the last section, 40% of men and women polled together said they would spend more on Valentine’s Day gifts than Super Bowl drinks and snacks.

Furthermore, 28% opted for the reverse as the exact same figure said they would spend an equal amount on each spectacle.

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