Boxing upstart Jake Paul confirms next opponent


YouTube star Jake Paul named the man he will next face in the ring

YouTube star-turned-professional prizefighter Jake Paul looks to have secured the sternest test of his boxing career to date after confirming that contracts have been signed for his blockbuster fight with Tyson Fury’s younger brother Tommy Fury.

The pair were originally scheduled to fight last December before Fury, 23, pulled out after he suffered a rib injury in advance of the fight. Fury was replaced by former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, whom Paul knocked out in the sixth round of their rematch. 

The fight had once again appeared to be in jeopardy after a clearly frustrated Paul took to social media on Wednesday to detail what he said was Fury once again “fumbling the bag” ahead of the contest – though Paul confirmed Thursday afternoon that Fury “grew a set overnight”

In a video message explaining why Fury hadn’t yet signed the contract, Paul said: “What’s the excuse? ‘Oh I can’t come and I can’t do it because my dad can’t be there with me during the fight.

Tommy, your dad has been banned from the United States for 15 years. You’ve known this the whole entire time. He’s a criminal. He’s not allowed in. When you fought Anthony Taylor in Cleveland, neither Tyson [Fury] or your dad were there with you in your U.S. debut. Now all of a sudden you need your team with you? That doesn’t make any f***ing sense.

You’re scared. You claim you’re a professional boxer but you don’t want to make the fight with me? Who you’ve talked so much s*** about? Who you say you will spark? Who you say I’m nothing compared to you? Where’s all that s*** talk now, Tommy?

You’re a f***ing atypical professional boxer who doesn’t want to actually make this fight f***ing happen. This is the biggest opportunity of your f***ing life and you’re fumbling the f***ing bag once again and I can’t believe how f***ing stupid you are. f***ing idiot.

It appears that this social media blast did the trick. 

In the hours after, Paul issued another tweet – this time poster confirming that the fight is official for August 6 in Madison Square Garden in what he called a dual main event alongside women’s boxing icon Amanda Serrano, who will fight Brenda Carabajal. 

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Jake Paul finished Tyron Woodley in emphatic fashion in their rematch. © Getty Images
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Okay people he grew a set over night,” Paul announced. “It’s official, Im taking this little Fury’s head off. Amanda Serrano and I dual main-event at the Mecca of boxing.

Fury confirmed the fight was on in his own tweet, saying: “The contract has been signed. I don’t need a team to get this job done, now the drug testing has been signed there are no issues. See you at the press conference.”

Both Paul and Fury remain undefeated in their boxing careers, though this is the first time that Jake Paul will take on an opponent with significant boxing experience. 

Fury is currently 8-0 in the ring and most recently fought the previously 10-1 Pole Daniel Bocianski whom he defeated on points. Paul is also unbeaten in his career, though his critics say that his record has been carefully stage-managed.

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