Yusei Kikuchi is the King of the Hill


I love coming across baseball glove brands that I had never heard of before. Yusei Kikuchi, lefty starting pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, was able to put me on to King of the Hill – a brand that one of his friends had started.

Formerly a Mizuno guy, we saw the southpaw donning this during the Jays’ trip to Citi Field.

photos of Yusei Kikuchi by @geminikeez, New York City

The web, which features a lion with a crown on it, definitely makes for a pretty fun pitcher’s piece. “KOH” is the main logo on the wrist, with home plate serving as the ‘O’ (and a baseball placed inside) and another crown on top of the dish. On the thumb, it says “Yusei” in a beautiful script font, and “Kikuchi” under his first name in capital lettering.

You can catch the black leather, blue welting and binding, and gold embroidery for any of his starts throughout the big leagues… or you can find him in Central Park whenever the squad is visiting New York City.

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